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Registration in our affiliate program is free. It doesn’t require any technical skills on your part and takes no more than a few clicks. Its content and concept is similar to affiliate programs offered by other companies. To start generating profit, you simply need to post a link or a banner on your site, which will send more traffic our way. We, on our part, will pay you from 50%-100% a commission on each transaction closed by a registered user referred from your site.

How it works?

Once you register, you get your affiliate account along with useful tools such as an overview of general account stats, reports indicating traffic sent from your website, commission stats, HMTL banner codes, and more. You will be notified by email of any successful transactions completed by your referrals.

* You may further post a table highlighting commission rates for each of the action completed by your referrals.
  • Listing added under Featured package – Earm more than 600$ month!!!
  • And other events eligible for a commission
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