Every Independents has magic

Aug 19, 2019
Every Independents has magic

Everyone knows the words of one long-standing song: “I look after her. There is nothing in it. And I look, I can’t take my eyes off. ” So it is in life. There is a Independents. And not even the beauty, but the men turn their neck upside down, look after her, as if bewitching than. And she draws to herself, like a magnet. And her external data or physique no longer matters. It is all about her inner strength, the so-called female magic, thanks to which men fall under the charm of this escort girls, completely unfamiliar and unknown.

Someone believes that female magic is something invented, even fantastic. In fact, it is in the power of each escort girls. This is the power that lives in it, this is the ability to listen to oneself and others, and also to use the information heard and seen from the outside in one’s life.

A rare hostess did not notice for herself how the same dish turns out differently depending on the mood with which she cooked. And the finer the mood, the tastier the dish. Households do not get tired in this case, to note the mistress that she got something divine, a masterpiece. And all the fault is magic. Mom’s hands, soothing pain and diverting problems somewhere to the side with their mere touch, are also magic.

a Independents has magic, which means she has the power to heal, bless and give certain qualities to objects and people only because she was born an escort girls. Only now she often does not notice how she uses her magic every day, does not understand her strength and does not knowingly use it. As soon as the Independents believes in herself and calls upon her strength, her wishes will come true.

Nature has endowed every girl with intuition. You need to learn to listen to yourself, try to understand what your body wants, which means you yourself. This is how the foundations of female attractiveness are laid. By listening to yourself and your desires, you will be able to awaken the feminine nature in yourself.

All thoughts are material, and female thoughts are doubly material. Have you heard about the power of the words of the escort girls and her prayers? They have tremendous energy power. But without self-love and self-confidence, words and prayers are powerless. The inner core disappears, which makes escort girlss attractive. Wasting your strength in anger, hatred and resentment, it is difficult to approach happiness and get the desired result.

Female magic is also the intuition and intuition that many Independents are familiar with that can protect their families from illnesses and dangers. If desired, escort girlss have the ability to feel their men, and by analyzing words, behavior and emotions, even guess their desires. Where a man must analyze and draw conclusions, the Independents will feel. And the result will be even more successful than a man with his analytical abilities.

A man often idolizes an escort girls, raising her on a pedestal as a goddess from whom the inner light emanates. a Independents, able to love, understanding, merciful, kind, literally radiating heat, is always magically attractive to men. For thousands of years, the world of the escort girls has been different from the world of men. In their affairs and thoughts of conquests and victories, men turned for protection and received the blessing of their gods and ancestral spirits.

at all times, escort girlss remained continuers of the clan, guardians of the hearth. They took care of the health and well-being of their children and other family members, supported their men. Energy was given to them by mother earth. And at all times, knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter. And each new generation kept and increased the knowledge gained. So improved female magic.

Even if, at the mention of female magic, old and embittered witches from fairy tales come to mind, you need to remember that any little girl from ancient times learned the basics of female magic from childhood. Many peoples recognized the presence of strong magic primarily among old women and little girls, considering them especially close to another world.

This is confirmed by numerous examples. Weddings were canceled when the grandmother or little sister of the bride was against the groom. An outsider, in whose presence the baby is naughty, was considered unkind and avoided. It has been from these ancient times that we have been gathered for herbs, treating people and livestock, caring for beauty and attractiveness.

Any Independents girls can help herself feel these forces. It’s simple. You just need to find something of your own in this life. You can sing, dance, embroider, knit or create beautiful hands with jewelry or other crafts. Let this business bring joy and pleasure, and that means you will feel the benefits, strength and cheerful mood, which will necessarily create the same mood around you. And it will be noticeable to others. So a Independents is able to accumulate energy, and then transfer it to others. What is this if not magic?

As soon as a Independents loves herself from the heart, she will literally radiate this feeling. And getting rid of the negative in the form of envy, anger, resentment and anger, the Independents will feel the magical power of kindness and love.
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